Rituals and prayers Ceremonies

Prayer forms an important part of a Buddhist monks practice, invoking the benevolent attention and blessings of Buddhas for all sentient beings. So, Prayer ceremonies or pujas will also be a major activity of the Tour Program. The monks will devote prayers / rituals to create the spiritual medium to generate Compassion and Harmony.

Prayer and Ritual ceremonies are performed in their unique traditional forms, chanted in different rhythmic tones with the sounds of ritual musical instruments - bell and dorjee, cymbals, damarua, gyaling (trumpet), etc. The monks will perform different prayer chants according to the Sera Jey Monastery’s own Prayer Manual with its unique rhythmic tones, followed by Hayagriva or Tamdin Yangsang’s prayer manual and others as well.

The venerable monks of Sera Jey Monastery will perform the following list of Prayer and Ritual ceremonies during the 2nd Tour of Compassion and Harmony. 

1) Medicine Buddha (Menlha in Tibetan)
2) Cittamani Tara Puja (Dolchok)
3) Purification Ceremony through the Seven Limb Prayer (Chutrul ramne)
4) Home/House/Office Blessing Ceremony
5) Other Prayer / Ritual 

Medicine Buddha Puja: (Duration - 1 Hour)

The Medicine Buddha is the manifestation of the healing energy of enlightenment.  It is an important prayer and ritual ceremony dedicated to human and other beings. The ceremony has an all round healing benefit to the sick and dying through its cleansing and purification of the afflicted emotions that are cause to mental and physical illness, besides purifying ones negativity and facilitating good merits for accomplishing happiness, good health and prosperity in life. The ceremony is also beneficial for those who have already passed away, in purifying their karma and enhance the scope of a better rebirth.

Minimum suggested donation:

Cittamani Tara: (Duration - 1 Hour)

Is one form of Tara (Dolma in Tibetan) - known as mother of all Buddhas, who facilitates in the removal of negative obstacles to attaining spiritual development and following the path to enlightenment.

The Puja is most renowned for the removal of negative obstacles in ones everyday life from health, work, family, relationship, business and prosperity, through Cittamani Tara's compassionate protection blessing.

Minimum suggested donation:

Purification Ceremony through the Seven Limb Prayer (Duration - 1 Hour)

The Seven Limb Prayer is referred as the king of prayers, with seven significant virtuous dedications through prostrating to the Buddhas for their grace, making offerings, confessing sincerely ones negativity, rejoicing for the compassionate blessing to the suffering, pray for lighting the darkness of ignorance and removal of suffering of those less fortunate.

The Purification Ceremony on the basis of its powerful prayer and invocation, has profound force in the removal of negative obstacles of all forms and purify.

Minimum suggested donation:

Home/House/Office Blessing Ceremony (Duration 25mn)

This is an important blessing ceremony for home, house, offices, .. etc, that help create the right conditions for prevailing peace, harmony and prosperity by removal of negative obstacles.

Minimum suggested donation:

100 € or 150 € if you request Gomde Rinpoche to participate as well. 

Jab Thru – Purification

Negative actions, that were performed intentionally, or perpetrated due to the force of habit or lack of mindfulness, can leave negative traces that pollute our lives. Many illnesses can manifest due to these negative energies. Therefore rituals of purification are designed to eliminate individual obstacles and obstacles involving the places where we live.

Special sacred objects can be consecrated in order to bless individuals, pets or entire homes. This ritual is also particularly effective for vision problems, insomnia and partial paralysis.

Time for a group of five persons: Around 40 minutes
Ten persons: one hour
Minimum Suggested donation for each person: 40 Euros 

Other Prayer / Ritual

  • Ritual to remove obstacles in general and to dispel relationships problems (Bharche lamsel),
  • puja to facilitate prosperity and wealth (Ngodrup),
  • White Umbrella puja (Dukar),
  • Long life puja (Namgyal Tsechok),
  • Puja to remove obstacle such as family problems, health weaknesses, negative energies in the house (Gyashi), etc.




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Upcoming Events


April 29, 2016       Leave for Tour
                           Venerable monks of the tour group will leave Bangalore for Zurich on April 29 morning 10.30 am. Arrive Zurich airport on the same day - April 29 at 08.20 pm.

April 30 to May 2, 2016 Preparation & Organization
From April 30 to May 2 the tour group will be making preparations and other organization works.

May 3 to 12, 2016 puja program at Hogen community hall, Hogen

May 8 or 9, 2016 Geshe Sonam to leave for France to bring back car

May 12 to 17, 2016 program at Berlin, Germany

May 18 to 21, 2016 Green Tara Mandala construction at Brake, Germany

May 22 to 25, 2016 puja at Amsterdam, Holland

May 26, 2016 leave for Milano - Ghepheling center in Italy by car from Horgen to Berlin (drive: 8 hr. 30 min / Berlin to Brake (drive: 4 hr.)
Horgen to Milano - Ghepheling (drive:3 hr. 20 min)

May 26 to July 9, 2016 Program at Italy - organized by Ghepheling center

May 28 to June 2, 2016 Hayagriva Mandala construction at Ghepheling Center, Milano

June 4 and 5, 2016 Hayagriva initiation at Ghepheling Center by Khenrab Rinpoche

June 6 to 11, 2016 Medicine Buddha Mandala construction at Daumom, Milano, Italy

June 15 to 17, 2016 Bergamo Milano, Italy

June 18 to July 8, 2016 performing two to three mandala constructions in Italy

July 9 or 10, 2016 Leave for Pomaia - Institute Lama Tsongkhapa Center 

                           Milano, Ghepheling center to Pomaia ILT center by car (drive: 3 hr. 20 min.)

July 11, 2016 (prosperity vase blessing) Bhumdrup puja at - Institute Lama Tsongkhapa Center, Pomaia

July 12, 2016 leave for Bremen, Germany by car from ILT, Pomaia (drive: 13 hrs. 8 min). Overnight stop at Munich and arrive Bremen by July 14.

July 14 to 18, 2016 White Tara Mandala construction at Botanica, Germany

July 19 or 20, 2016 Leave for Grignan, France by car
                             Bremen, Germany to Grignan, France (drive: 11 hr. 33 min) plan to stay overnight at Dhen Sonam Sherab home in Lausanne, Swiss

July 20 to 24, 2016 One Manadala construction program

July 24, 2016 Leave for Institute Vajra Yogini Center, Lavaur , France by car (drive: 4 hr. 9 min) from Grignan

July 25 to 30, 2016 Mandala and other programs at Institute Vajra Yogini Center, France

August, 2016 Back to Swiss



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